Malta Reunion 2017

Well we all arrived safely and have been having a wonderful time, and the weather has been very kind to us with glorious sunshine virtually the whole time.

Saturday was the Siege Bell ceremony to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the award of the George Cross to the Island and People of Malta by HRH King George VI.  The ceremony was attended by HE President Ms Marie Louise Coleiro Preca.  

Also at the ceremony were a number of High Commissioners including the British, American and Australian.  There were 32 GCIA members from the UK in attendance for this very moving ceremony, at the end of which was the tolling of the Siege Bell - there were not many dry eyes amongst us by the end.

  This is the message from HE Ms Marie Louise Coleiro Preca:    

On the 18th April we went to TaQali Aviation Museum and to what is now referred to as the "GCIA Chapel".  Father Meli officiated and as always gave us a very nice commemoration.  Mary Rose once again provided our refreshments after the service and many also took advantage of being given free entry to the museum.  Once again the weather was wonderful and we all had a lovely morning.