Association President

"As I sit down in the small hours of 26th February, to pen what was meant to be a message of welcome to the U.K. Branch members of the George Cross Island Association to our annual reunion this coming April, a European capital city is under siege.

For the second time in 80 years the Ukrainian planes are resounding to the clanking of tank tracks and loud explosions all over that country.  It is indeed sad that humanity never learns its lessons and that ignorance of, or worse, indifference to history makes it repeat previous mistakes with blind abandonment.  Once again, like Poland in 1939, a brave independent people are facing overwhelming odds in numbers, weaponry and technology, in a desperate attempt to preserve their independence and above all their dignity. 
Meanwhile the world at large expresses its concern and solidarity and is faced by a blatant threat that any intervention will be met by a reaction unprecedented in the history of any intervening country  - a nuclear attack!
It is obvious that any use of nuclear weapons will change the face of this planet beyond recognition. Unfortunately it only takes one mad man insane enough to press the button.  In the context of this situation developing in the heart of our Europe, Einstein's premonition of a century ago acquires grim relevance:

"I do not know with which weapons the third world war will be fought but I know that the fourth world war will  be fought with clubs and stones.”

At this late moment of great uncertainty, we can only pray and hope that sanity and restraint will prevail over what appears to be the use of brute force. In the meantime, we trust that the situation will not impede us from congregating in Malta in a few weeks time to commemorate the victims of another conflict that ravaged the planet 80 years ago."

Judge Joseph Galea Debono.