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The Siege Bell, Valletta, Malta G.C.


Dear members and friends.  I hope that this message finds you well and looking forward to some warm, dry weather. I have some wonderful news to share with you all – we once again have the honour of having a Royal Patron.  

His Royal Highness The Duke of Gloucester has agreed to be the Patron of the George Cross Island Association. 

This news was shared with me directly from the Palace by The Principal Private Secretary to The King and Queen, The Rt. Hon. Sir Clive Alderton K.C.V.O., and marks the first anniversary of Their Majesties' Coronation.  I was informed that there were over a thousand organisations being analysed, so it is a great privilege to have been granted this honour.

The George Cross Island Association Originally came into being to commemorate and bring together veterans and families of the Siege of Malta (1940 to 1943) and particularly those who took part in the Pedestal Convoy so that comrades and friends could share their experiences. However, today we welcome members from all walks of life who have an interest in Malta and want to see history promoted and maintained. So if you have an interest in history, particularly the Mediterranean during WW2, do join us – we would love to hear your memories and experiences or simply share ours with you. 

Please use the Membership page to complete a form which will automatically be sent to the membership secretary who will send on all the relevant information.

We welcome contributions to this site from our members or from any one who has an interesting article. Please send your contributions to:info@georgecrossisland.org.uk.  We also have an interest in other similar military/veteran organisations including Friends of Millbank - who celebrate the history of the Army Medical Services medical achievements starting with the Crimea and up to present day. 

Their web site is: 


and for anyone interested in military medical history it is well worth a look at their 2022 programme of Zoom talks, open to all.