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To all members of the GCIA

posted 11 Nov 2012, 08:36 by Pat Scott   [ updated 11 Nov 2012, 08:40 ]
It is so easy for many of us to forget that, no matter how difficult life may seem, it can never be as difficult as it is for those who fight in wars and for those who lose them and then have to live on without them.

Thank you for reminding us that we can live so well today because so many lives ended too soon. 
I should like to add, as GCIA members may like to know, that I live in Malta. My parents were children in WWII, so I have no direct experience of wartime, but grew up hearing about those days. 

I attend the memorial Sunday ceremony in Floriana every year now. It's sad to see that the number of veterans diminishing each year. Some may wish to have been here this year but perhaps were unable to travel. I remember meeting someone a few years ago who'd said he comes back every year in memory of his father, brother, best friend and comrades who all died in action. I haven't seen him since. Perhaps he's no longer able to travel but he, as would others, may be comforted to know that there are others who stand there and remember.

(Name provided, but withheld for privacy)