Malta 2020 Programme

Programme – prices and departure/return timings to be confirmed:

 Date Venue
 Tuesday 14th Welcome meeting
 Wednesday 15th Siege Bell: 32 Lvant, Il-Belt Valletta
 Thursday 16thDavid Vassallo is a volunteer at Msida Bastion Cemetery (Floriana), a beautiful and peaceful location cared for by volunteers of Din L-Art Helwa he has helped restore the grave there of a young Scottish regimental medical officer who died of cholera in 1850. David is offering to conduct a personal tour (together with the warden) at cost 2euros each towards upkeep of cemetery.
 Friday 17th Aviation Museum Ta’Qali followed by a talk by Col David Vassallo in the Palazzo Falson, Mdina
 Saturday 18th 3 hr walking tour with Joe Debono, the Eastern segment of the Victoria Lines and tour of Fort Madliena. Start 11am ending 1pm refreshments available and tour of the Fort.
 Sunday 19th Luqa Barracks Church service officiated by Fr. Marius Zerafa
 Monday 20th Fort Rinella and Capuccini Naval Cemetery, Kalkara
 Tuesday 21st Luqa Baracks – Band display
 Wednesday 22nd Royal Navy Memorial, Msida/Pieta, RAF Memorial opp. Phoenicia Hotel, National Memorial, Valetta, followed by visit to Lascaris War Museum
 Thursday 23rd St Georges Day dinner
 Friday 24th Day trip to Gozo – provisional and not confirmed
 Saturday 25th Pieta Military cemetery for Anzac Day

There may also be a memorial service for the family of the crew lost on HMS Urge on 26th or 27th.

HMS Urge was part of the 10th Submarine Flotilla. On 27 April, 1942, she left Malta on passage to Alexandria, but never arrived. No concrete explanation has ever been given for her sinking, but she was reported missing on 29 April. It is possible that she struck a mine outside Malta or that she was sunk by the Italian torpedo boat Pegaso in the eastern Mediterranean. At the time of the loss the submarine was carrying 10 passengers, as part of the evacuation of the 10th Submarine Flotilla from Malta to Alexandria, among them was celebrated war correspondent, Bernard Gray. The wreck of HMS Urge was located and identified by marine archaeologists off Malta, solving a 77-year-long mystery. Sitting on the seabed of the Mediterranean more than 400 feet down, her bow buried in the ocean floor, her deck gun facing forward, her hull encrusted with marine life, this is the last resting place of 44 souls.