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People Search

If you are trying to trace the whereabouts of someone, or get in touch with anyone who might know details about a relative or friend, we might be able to help.

The reason this page has come about, is because over time we have had many enquiries from members and non-members asking if we have any information about family members or friends who served in Malta but have since Crossed the Bar. 

It often happens that we are contacted when information is discovered that has never been talked about, generally, when sorting out the deceased's personal effects, however the family and friends believe there is still much more to discover about their loved one, somewhere.......

Well sometimes we are able to help, with the assistance of our members, but feel that the easiest way to help find out this sort of information is to pass it on through our web site, in the hope that it is viewed by members and non-members alike and by using our web site, we can widen the net.

Sometimes, it is just someone that you have lost touch with.  If you were a service child, you will remember changing schools on a regular basis and losing touch with friends.

So the next time you find yourself wondering - "What ever happened to so-and-so?" - take a look on our People Search page and email me on: info@georgecrossisland.org.uk

I will publish whatever details you have and are willing to put on this page and if I get any feedback, I will pass it personally on to you.  The details of anyone we find, will not be published, unless you wish it to be.

So currently, I am looking for any details about:

  • William Driver served in Malta during WW2 and was a gunner with the 32 Royal Artillery LAA Regiment
  • Charles Proctor (possibly Charlie).  Stationed in Malta from 1st Feb 1941 to 26th Sep 1943 and was there when the ‘Ohio’ sailed in.  He worked in the Lascaris war rooms.
If you have any information, please do email me and I will forward it to the family.

Thank you
Pat (web master)